The Legend Of Kate Kensington

The Legend Of Kate Kensington

Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Duration: 1h 48m

Stars: Hayley Castillo, Melony Daemer, Lisa Arcaro

The Story of
The Legend Of Kate Kensington

The year is 1941, and a young woman, Kate Kensington, is struggling with the loss of her fiancé, William H. Mahler, who is stationed In, Oahu, Hawaii during the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor on, December 7, 1941.

Due to the tragic loss of her fiancé, Kate slips into a severe depression and she begins to drift away from reality. 

Feeling helpless, Kate’s father, Dr. Robert Kensington, places his daughter into a mental institution for treatment. 

While Kate is at the asylum, she receives various forms of treatment; however, things begin to slowly spiral out of control as Kate slips further into psychosis.

After nine months of unsuccessful treatments, with her family’s insistence, Kate is released into their care on October 29, 1942.

Two days later, October 31, 1942, the Kensington maid reported seeing Kate running into the wooded trails behind the family home, wearing her wedding dress.

A massive twenty-two day search was conducted by the Citrus County Sheriff’s department without turning up a single clue to Kate’s whereabouts.

In a statement made by Captain Donald Harper, 

“This has been a tough case for all of us to endure. We are confident, with the aggressive search of the area surrounding where Kate disappeared, that she is no longer there. This case will remain open and our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kensington family”.

The Legend Begins…

There has been a lot of speculation over the years about the disappearance of Kate Kensington, which only deepened the mystery.

What ever happened to Kate Kensington?

As the years continued to pass, the rumors and stories continued to grow as several eyewitnesses reported seeing Kate Kensington walking along the Hills Of Rest cemetery, the wooded trails and some even reported seeing her at the Kensington estate.

The Legend Grows…

The legend would continue to grow for the next seventy-two years. With each passing year new stories would emerge along with new sightings of Kate’s ghostly apparition.

Many of the claims were made by very respected people in the small town of Inverness.

Through the passing generations, the stories turned into folklore that would eventually become a reality.


When A Legend Becomes A Reality…

Present day, a photo has surfaced by respected local photographer, Ralph White. The photo shows what appears to be a ghostly apparition wearing a white wedding dress walking along the Hills Of Rest Cemetery grounds.

The story breaks wide-open when the image is placed on the front page of the Citrus County Chronicle.

The Reality Turns Into A Journey…

A spiritual journey through the eyes of a child, who has the ability to see things that others can’t. 

She struggles with these unwanted abilities until a light begins to shine upon her…

Only then, does she begin to understand her true calling as she begins to unravel the mystery of,

“The Legend Of Kate Kensington” 

Main Cast

Hayley Castillo

Hayley Jennings

Melony Daemer

Kate Kensington

David McDivitt

William H. Mahler

Lisa Arcaro

Diane Jennings

Jackson Tessmer

Carl Parsik

Lila Johnson

Lila Evans

"The Legend of Kate Kensington is filled with suspense and intrigue. It will keep viewers guessing until the very end. All the backstory scenes appear in black and white so they have the feel of yesteryear. The apparition of Kate is also in black and white which gives her an eerie stillness."
- The Dove Foundation

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