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Visual Effects

In filmmaking, visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created and / or Manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. Visual effects involve the integration of live – action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, or simply impossible to capture on film.

Nate Lovell

Nate Lovell began studying and creating Visual Effects in 2009.

He started his training with He continued to push himself in the industry and began getting professional work.

In 2016, he was contacted by, Brad Castillo, of CVI Productions and was given the opportunity to work on the feature film, “The Legend Of Kate Kensington”, which required a large amount of Visual Effects for the production. Ultimately that project was creatively postponed. 

Nate continued to excel in the industry.

 In 2018, Nate was again contacted by CVI Productions to begin visual effects work on the feature film, “No Place In This World”.

With the completion of that film, Nate continues to work closely with CVI Productions in the revision of, “The Legend Of Kate Kensington.”

Alongside Nate’s film work, he writes programs to help other artists improve their workflow and create stunning effects. Aside from, VFX, he enjoys creating music, programming and anything involving technology or art.


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