Actor Spotlight

Actor SPotlight

Ensley Markle takes an in-depth look at the actors in the CVI Production films, “The Legend Of Kate Kensington” (2020) and “No Place In This World”. (2017)

The Actors

David McDivitt

David McDivitt was born on December 27, 1968 in Santa Rosa, California, USA as David Joseph McDivitt. He is known for his work on Pineapple Express (2008), Over There (2005) and Dexter (2006).

Hayley Castillo

Hayley was born on September 20, 2005 She is known for her work on, “The Legend Of Kate Kensington”,” Demonia Undertaker”, “Safe Haven: Sweet Child Of Mine” and most recently, “No Place In This World”. Hayley as also appeared in the T.V. series, “Relation Shipwreck”, an infomercial for, Go Plate, and a Publix Supermarket employee training video.

Lisa Arcaro

Lisa Arcaro is known for her work on A Haunting (2005), Snapped: Killer Couples (2013) and The Legend of Kate Kensington (2020).

More actor bio's coming soon!

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