No Place In This World

No Place In This World

Genre: Drama

Duration: 1h 21m

Stars: Ashley Sperrazza, Hayley Castillo, Jackson Tessmer

No Place In This World

Two girls, Addison and Lauren Wright struggle to accept the loss of their father. Their mother, Julie, has moved on and has a new boyfriend. Bullies at Lauren’s new school make a bad situation worse, while Addison strives to hold onto her faith and hope in God. Tragedy strikes when school officials and those close to the girls fail to act in time. Will the community be able to come together and prevent future crises?

Main Cast

Ashley Sperrazza

Addison Wright

Hayley Castillo

Lauren Wright

Jackson Tessmer

Timothy Densen

Ashlyn Jade Lopez

Kaycie Anderson

Liz M. Day

Julie Wright

John Hardy

Wayne Towner

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