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Lisa Arcaro

Lisa began her career at the age of eighteen by taking acting classes to build her confidence and better understand the craft. 

She received her first acting role as a stand-in/extra for, Stephanie Zimbalist, in the Emmy Award winning film, Caroline.

By the time Lisa turned twenty, she met her husband and decided to place her acting career aside. The desire to act would never leave her.

At age thirty, Lisa opened up her own talent agency where she worked closely with casting directors in the industry and providing background actors for over thirty films and TV shows.

Although Lisa really enjoyed helping others pursue their dreams, the desire to work in front of the camera continued to grow.

Lisa would get her first opportunity when she was working to help cast for the independent feature film, Untold, where the director cast Lisa for her very first speaking role. 

Her passion to be in front of the camera was reborn.

Since then, Lisa has acted in over seventy commercials, infomercials, corporate industrial films and print ads and continues to remain active in the industry.

Film Projects

Intrigued By the Legend

When A Legend Becomes A Reality

Kate Kensington (Melony Daemer) walks out of the lake as she is surrounded by the darkness.

The Tagline Fits Well Here

Lisa was searching though her social media pages when she noticed a casting call for the film, The Legend Of Kate Kensington.

Lisa says, “It immediately grabbed my attention.”

It was an image of Kate Kensington walking out from the water with fog all around her. Lisa reached out to the CVI casting department and sent over her headshot and resume for an audition.

Initially, Lisa was cast to play the Inverness News 5 Reporter. 

Upon receiving the partial script and reading through it, Lisa had an overwhelming desire to play one of the leading roles in the film.

Mrs. Diane Jennings, a struggling mother who is trying to come to terms with the loss of her husband and the emotional battles her daughter, Hayley Jennings (Hayley Castillo), is experiencing with her vivid nightmares.

It was as if this role was calling her.

Lisa reached out to CVI Productions and talked with the Writer/Director, Brad Castillo, about her interest in playing the role of Diane Jennings.

There was initial hesitation at first by Mr. Castillo for several reasons. Two other actresses were already up for the lead role. Lisa was already cast to play the reporter and was not privy to the entire script, which delved into the depths of the characters emotional pain. 

Lisa was persistent in her desire for this role and after careful consideration she won the role and began her preparations to better understand her character.

Brad Castillo would later say, “I could tell that Lisa was going to pour her heart and soul into this character and that is exactly what I was looking for.”

In Lisa’s mind, she knew that there was one big hurdle that she needed to overcome.

And that was for her to completely breakdown on camera and cry.

Lisa says, “I’ve never completely broken down and had to cry in front of a camera before.”

It was a challenge that Lisa was prepared to take.

Days prior to her initial call date to be on set, Lisa started having second thoughts about wanting to take on this overwhelming challenge.

Lisa states: “Be careful what you wish for.”

The tagline fits well here…

When A Legend Becomes A Reality

Not having any children of her own only deepened Lisa’s anxiety and doubt as the days of production drew closer.

Overcoming Her Anxiety and Nervousness

An Unusual Sense of Easiness

Hayley Castillo (Hayley Jennings) and Lisa Arcaro (Diane Jennings) on set at the Jennings home in, Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia

An Inseparable Force

Lisa recalls pulling up to the shooting location for her first day on set at the Jennings home.

All of Lisa’s worries and anxiety would immediately fade away when she met her nine-year-old co-star, Hayley Castillo.

Lisa says, “She was the cutest little ball of joy who immediately greeted me when I walked on set. She had this beautiful infectious smile.”

Lisa goes on to say how impressed she was with Hayley’s demeanor on and off the set.

Lisa says, “She was a consummate professional.”

Lisa goes on to say that they spent every minute together. Going over their lines and even eating their breakfast and lunches together.

Lisa says, “We really bonded together.”

A Chance in A Lifetime

An Everlasting Memory

When talking about this film, The Legend Of Kate Kensington, you can tell, that it holds a very special place in Lisa’s heart.

There were a lot of memorable moments for her with this film. But none more special than having the opportunity to work with her eighty-year-old father in a feature film.

While on set, Lisa and Brad Castillo were talking about the upcoming shooting schedule during their lunch break. Brad was discussing that he wanted to shoot the North Carolina scenes of the film in a northern location and was working on finalizing some details.

Lisa immediately realized that this was a golden opportunity to utilize her twenty something years of experience in this industry, not only as an actress, but as a casting director and location manager.

Within days, Lisa managed to secure the Jennings home shooting location in, Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia. 

Which was actually her parents vacation home that over-looked a beautiful mountain landscape.

Impressed with Lisa’s knowledge and the Willingness to help out, 

Brad Castillo agreed to allow Lisa to help cast the actors that would be needed to fill those roles for this location.

Having lived there and her familiarity with the area, Lisa knew exactly what she wanted to do. The first thing on her list was to cast her actual father to play her dad and Hayley’s grandfather, Henry Moreland, in the film.

Lisa says, “It was a dream come true when Brad agreed to the casting of my father.”

It was highlighted in the beginning on the shooting schedule as one of the toughest scenes for Lisa to do. Her first crying scene would be done while working with her real father.

Lisa goes on to say that everything went so smoothly, and she had the opportunity to share that with her family.

Lisa says, “It was such an amazing experience, one that I will cherish forever.”

Lisa goes on to say that she was so grateful and that it is all captured on this beautiful film.


Jennings Home

On Location in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia. 

Philip Ayers

Philip Ayers (Henry Moreland) prepares to shoot his scenes with his daughter, Lisa Arcaro. (Mrs. Diane Jennings)

Lisa and Her Father

Lisa Arcaro and her father, Philip Ayers relax on the couch after shooting their emotional scene together.

The Jennings Cast

Philip Ayers, (Henry Moreland) Lisa Arcaro (Mrs. Diane Jennings) and Hayley Castillo (Hayley Jennings) 

The Jennings

Hayley Castillo and Lisa Arcaro on set at the Jennings home in, Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia.

Explore More In Sautee Nacoochee

Music, dancing, art, food, history and culture are the heartbeat of this small mountain hamlet.

American Indians built the Sautee Nacoochee Indian mound, which stands today as a testament to their lasting footprint upon the land.

Everything Has to Have a

Beginning and An End

Lisa Arcaro and Hayley Castillo after wrapping their last scene together for the film, The Legend Of Kate Kensington.

That's a wrap!

It was a bittersweet ending. 

Sad to say goodbye and excited to see the results of months of hard work on the big screen.

Lisa says, “There were tears in our eyes as we said our goodbyes.”

The director, Brad Castillo, has said on many occasions, “It was always more than just a film.”

A sentiment that was echoed by the cast and crew. 

A group of people gathered together to make a film, and in the process, made life-long connections that touched the hearts of everyone involved.

And it all started with, “A Legend…”

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