Tiffini Gothard – 1st Assistant Director/Post Prodution Supervisor


Tiffini Gothard

Tiffini Gothard is a wife, mother, actress and accountant.  In the last few years, she has returned to her love that started in her childhood  – film and T.V. 

She started with private coaching  with NY casting consultant  and on set acting coach, Bob Luke.  She then continued by working with, Big Promise Studios and the on – set club and put her training in action for the camera.   

She then booked the recurring role of, Angela, on the web series, “School Bus Diaries”, and also worked Behind-The-Scenes  as the script supervisor.

This was the beginning of working not only in front of the camera, but behind the camera.

She next began working with, Brad Castillo, and CVI Productions LLC. On the set of, “No Place In This World”, an independent feature film about teen bullying. 

She not only portrayed, Robin Switzer, she was also pivotal in a variety of behind the camera roles as the 1st assistant Director, script supervisor, post production supervisor, lighting, sound, camera and set design.

Tiffini is currently working in pre-production with, Brad Castillo, on the CVI Productions upcoming film, “The Connection.” Which begins shooting in the fall of 2019.

The most important thing to her, in pursuing a film and T.V. career is putting God First, and seeking his strength, guidance, and wisdom to produce and to act in quality family friendly and faith based media.

Tiifini is also very active with her children’s extracurricular sports, in her Church/small group, her community, and still finding time to continue her TRX training. 


Tiffini Gothard, Liz M. Day and Hayley Castillo visit the set of, Daytime, to discuss the release of, “No Place In This World.”

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