The 1940’s Cast – The Legend Of Kate Kensington

The Cast

The Legend Of Kate Kensington

Melony Daemer

Kate Kensington begins to struggle with depression due to the loss of her fiancé, William H. Mahler, during the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941,

With the overwhelming concerns of her family, Kate is placed into Dunning Mental Asylum for treatment. 

While there Kate does not respond to the treatments and begins to spiral downward into a deeper psychosis.

Dr. Robert Kensington, Kate’s father, has her released back into his care on October 28, 1942. 

October 31, 1942 Kate is seen running into the wooded trails behind the Kensington Estate by the maid, Annette Clemens.

David McDivitt

William H. Mahler loved his country and made a vow to protect it. He was deployed to Pearl Harbor. His separation from Kate was tough on him.

While on leave William would make another vow, to marry the love of his life, Kate Kensington and start a family of their own.

William had to return to the line of duty. He said his final goodbye to Kate… “I love you with all my heart. I will be coming back home to spend the rest of my life with you and nothing is going to get in the way of that.”

William would lose his life during the invasion of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Edward Harrison

Dr. Robert Kensington loves his family and would do anything to protect them.

As his older daughter, Kate, begins to struggle with the loss of her fiancé, William H. Mahler, Dr. Kensington has to make some tough decisions.

Decisions that he would struggle with for the rest of his life.

Stefanie Davis

Carol Kensington struggles to help her older sister, Kate, find peace with the loss of Kate’s fiancé. Unable to break through the wall of depression, Carol is left feeling helpless as she continues to try and support her sister as she falls deeper in psychosis.

Danielle Harrison

Annette is the Kensington maid who has become the main witness to the disappearance of Kate Kensington. She claims to have witnessed Kate running in to the wooded trails wearing her white wedding dress on October 31, 1942

Cheyenne Killinger

Ellen Thompkins is the daughter of Carol Kensington. Ellen also has a wild imagination as she continues to tell her mother that she sees a lady watching her playing from the window inside the house.

David McMahon

Captain Donald Harper of the Citrus County Sheriff’s office lead the twenty-two day search for Kate Kensington to an exhausting end as he delivered a statement to the press…

“This has been a tough case for all of us to endure. We are confident with the aggressive search of the surrounding area of where Kate was reported to have disappeared, that she is no longer there.”

Frank W. Meyer

Deputy Frank Saunders struggles to understand how Mrs. June Allen could have seen Kate Kensington walking into the wooded trails. He only saw only one one set of footprints, which belonged to Mrs. Allen.

Pete Hunt

Deputy Raymond DiMatteo expresses his skepticism to Captain Donald Harper after the sighting of Kate by the Allen Family at the Hills of Rest Cemetery.

“It’s been ten months, how could she have survived these elements?”

Kenny Skidmore

Deputy Henry Johnson struggles to understand the fact that they have absolutely no clues to work with.

Joanne Harris

While visiting the Hills of Rest Cemetery, Mrs. June Allen, a close friend of the Kensington Family, and her two small boys, Jeremy and Jason, claimed to have witnessed seeing Kate Kensington watching them off in the distance. A truly remarkable claim since Kate had been missing for ten months at that time. 

Jordan Forte

Jeremy was visiting the grave of his grandmother with his Mother, June, and younger brother, Jason, when he noticed a women off in the distance watching them. 

Christian Forte

Jason Allen is scared when his mother, June, and older brother, Jeremy, get startled by the mysterious sighting of, Kate Kensington, who watches them from a distance at the Hills of Rest cemetery.

Patty Eden

Mrs. Marsden visits her husband’s grave with her daughter, Emily, when the Allen Family walk over to say hello.

Emily Eden

Emily Marsden is visiting her father’s grave with her mother when the Allen Family walk over to say hello. 

Lexi Balestrieri

Amelia Dampier, is a very close friend of the Kensington Family and tries to provide some comfort when Kate goes missing.

Chelsea Wolf

Joanne DeMuro, is a very close friend of the Kensington Family and tries to provide comfort when Kate begins her spiral downward into deeper psychosis.  

Kevin Ryan

Dunning Mental Asylum Doctor who is in charge of the Kate Kensington case.

Marc Slogan

Dunning Mental Asylum Doctor who is in charge of giving his patients Electro-Shock Therapy.

Dawn Horton

Dunning Mental Asylum nurse who is in charge of the Kate Kensington case.

Christy Judd

Dunning Mental Asylum nurse who assists with electro-shock therapy procedures on their patients.

Kansas Sanchez

Dunning Mental Asylum patient.

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