Present Day Cast – The Legend Of Kate Kensington

Present Day Cast

Hayley Castillo

Hayley Jennings is a ten-year-old girl who is struggling to understand her vivid nightmares surrounding the disappearance of Ellie Frederick in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

Relocating with her mother, Diane Jennings, to Inverness, Florida she tries to adjust to her new life as new nightmares begin.

In the end, Hayley will have to confront her ongoing nightmares as she discovers the mystery surrounding, the Legend Of Kate Kensington.

Lisa Arcaro

Mrs. Diane Jennings struggles to understand her daughter’s horrific nightmares while trying to protect her from the harsh reality of life. 

She decides a change in scenery might provide some relief to her and her daughter. 

They abandon the life they knew in North Carolina to move to the quaint small town of Inverness, Florida.

Jackson Tessmer

Carl Parsik in a ten-year-old boy who has a fascination with unsolved mysteries. 

Carl has a strong determination to get to the bottom of a mystery with the facts of a case.

Lila Johnson

Lila Evans is an extremely intelligent ten-year-old girl who also enjoys a good mystery and adventure.

Lila and Carl are not prepared for what they will find when they enter “The Legend Of Kate Kensington”.

Alison Trado

Michelle Parsik is a local news reporter who struggles to raise her two children, Ashley and Carl while meeting the demands of her high pressure job.

Things really get out of control when the news breaks of a photo of the apparition of Kate Kensington at the Hills of Rest Cemetery. 

Gerald Wallens

Struggling to come to grips with her emotions, Hayley Jennings seeks refuge in a small church. 

It is there that the Priest helps guide this young child to her destiny.

Philip Ayers

Henry Moreland is the grandfather to Hayley Jennings. Henry becomes extremely concerned as his granddaughter continues to struggle with her nightmares and decides it is time to confront his daughter, Diane Jennings, with some information that he was withholding from her.  

Ashley Sperrazza

Ashley Parsik is a no nonsense fifteen year-old girl who is trying to juggle school work and her job while her mother, Michelle Parsik, has her watching her little brother, Carl, more often than she would like to.  

Elle Gabriel

Ellie Fredrick is a young girl who goes missing in North Carolina and haunts the dreams of Hayley Jennings.

In the end Ellie will help guide Hayley into realizing her true calling.

Taylor Eve

Jennifer Morris is a patient suffering from a mental illness and was admitted to the same asylum, Dunning Mental Asylum, that Kate Kensington was admitted to in 1942.

Ashley Nicole

Saddie Henning and her boyfriend, Marc Trento, make an unexpected stop at the Hills of Rest Cemetery when things take an haunting turn.

Trey Bean

Marc Trento and his girlfriend, Saddie Henning, wind up making an unexpected stop at the Hills of Rest Cemetery when things take an surprising turn.

Michael F. Bovata

The Psychologist tries to understand the overwhelming concerns that Mrs. Diane Jennings shares with him about her daughter, Hayley Jennings.

Zac Trenta

Dan Timmons works for Inverness News Five and is teamed up with Michelle Parsik as her cameraman when the news breaks wide open about the ghostly apparition of Kate Kensington.

Dawn Horton

During her nightly patrol of the Hills of Rest Cemetery Officer Barso senses something is not quite right.

Ryan Doherty

Officer McDaniels leads the task force when two children are reported missing.

Rob Tessmer, Jr.

Officer Schultz is called to assist as backup at the Hills of Rest cemetery when two local kids are called in missing.

Kelly D. Weaver

Detective Brooks is in charge of the Ellie Fredrick case in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He and his partner, Detective Hernandez, interview an unexpected witness..

Mina Ownlee

Detective Hernandez questions Hayley Jennings about her knowledge regarding the disappearance of Ellie Fredrick.

Karyn Kraf

Deanne Dacanay is the local News Anchor for Inverness News Five who reports on the ghostly apparition of Kate Kensington.

Tiffini Holtsberg Gothard

Dana Morrell is the local News Anchor in North Carolina who reports on the tragic ending in the Ellie Fredrick case.

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