Ensley Markle – Post Production Supervisor/Writer

Ensley Lee Markle

Ensley Lee Markle has a graduate degree in creative writing and journalism studies. Ensley is currently writing her first novel – a romantic mystery called, “The Mysterious Guest On Berkshire Lane.”

Ensley lives in northern Florida with her fiancé, a large-sized dog and an attack cat.

Ensley starred in a few short films in the beginning of her career and quickly realized that she preferred working behind the camera.

Ensley quickly adapts to unexpected and uncontrollable working environments to find a resolution to problems on set.

Which has been put to the test when she began working with CVI Productions to help with all of the post production work to bring the film, “The Legend Of Kate Kensington” to distribution status.

Ensley is currently working on the CVI website and reconnecting with some of the cast members for interviews and updating everything to do with the release of the film.


Behind The Scenes

"Along The Shoreline"

Ensley Markle

"I was hooked the moment I walked out on set for the very first time.

“I enjoy the creative Control with the post production process of a film".

Ensley Markle

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