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The road to filmmaking, for me, started with an incredible journey through emotional pain, frustration, reflection and re-emerging with an incredible amount of Faith, and most importantly, Peace.


“It all started with a dream. My dream became my reality for three years. I have tried so hard to make something special for not only me, but all those involved. The message has always been the real key for me, to leave behind this message for my daughter, of dealing with what life throws at you and learning to accept what you cannot change.”  – Brad Castillo

"The legend Of Kate Kensington"

The Beginning

I believe that if you invest a good portion of your life  into something, you will have an emotional attachment to it.

For me, the creation of, “The Legend Of Kate Kensington”, was so much more! I was mentally lost in this world. Having been diagnosed with a chronic health condition and exhausting all medical treatments, I was left with options of experimental treatments that my insurance would not cover.

At that point in my life, I decided to pull the plug – not only at looking for a cure at all costs, but on life itself. I was overcome with a weight on my shoulders that I could no longer bear. I was losing my mental balance and my sense of wanting to fight anymore. I would sit for hours in a chair and listen to the silence as my thoughts began to drift. I wanted an escape…

I needed an escape from this, the real world.

I started writing my thoughts on paper, and for the most part, it was all dark and depressing. I would look at my little girl, Hayley, and think to myself, “there is so much I would like to share with you, but you are too young to understand”.

One day, I woke up and decided that I was going to go out and buy a bunch of birthday cards for her and write a letter in each one of them. Each one would reflect her getting older, how much I loved her and wished that I could share that day with her.

I talked to Melony, my wife, about this plan and she marked each envelope and placed them in a safe place.

I was on my last trip to Shands Hospital, while I was there in the waiting room, I looked around the room and noticed a woman coming out of one of the examination rooms. She had long, black hair and her head was leaning down. I could feel her pain from across the room. As I sat there looking at her, I was hit with an overwhelming idea. I grabbed my pen and started writing. My depression was stronger than ever, but I had a release now!

I had an idea for a story that was helping me drift away for a while.

Hospice was visiting me on a weekly basis. This was all new, and for me,  was another indication of the events to come. 


On my second week of Hospice care, a pastor called and asked if I would like to have him come over for a visit. I said that it would be okay. 

Little did I know that this was going to be a turning point in my life.

The pastor came in, introduced himself, and we sat down to talk. I think he could tell that I was emotionally beaten. He asked me if God was present in my life and I replied that I have not had religion in my life for a very long time. He grabbed my hand and began to pray for me. He asked God to help me find my way to happiness and peace.

Within seconds,

I was overcome with a sense of peace and willingness to let go of what I can no longer change. My body began to feel warm and I had visible  goose bumps all over my arms. I felt something that I have NEVER felt before.

I believe God healed me mentally that day! I was living this life as if I were already dead. Dragging my family through the depths of my depression. I was so blind.

My life was becoming clear again and what mattered most in this life has  been never clearer.

My shell may remain broken, but I was determined to live the best that I could from that point forward. I had renewed energy and it reflected in my writing. This vision was now fully coming to life in my mind. I needed to get it out! 

I sat many nights in a chair writing this story with tears falling from my eyes. I was so deeply moved by the storyline. It was wrapping itself around my soul!

The message will always be the most important thing. We go through this life, and for most people, we watch it flash by without truly enjoying our surroundings or the people that we share it with. 

I was stricken with an illness that made me slow down. It forced me to look around and appreciate the little things in life. My sickness continues and I feel it on a daily basis. But, I will rise until I fall and I have never been in such a state of peace as I am today. I thank God for this incredible gift that He has given to me, and that is, the understanding of this life that I live. 


Herlong Mansion Shoot

David McDivitt (William Mahler), Melony Daemer (Kate Kensington) and Ed Harrison (Dr. Kensington) re-hearse their scene together prior to shooting.

Herlong Mansion Shoot

BS Publications interviews, David McDivitt, on set at the, Herlong Mansion, about his role in the film.

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