No Place In This World



“No Place In This World”

What pushes a person into attacking, degrading and abusing another? Is it jealously, their own feelings of inadequacy or inferiority, that builds into resentment?

CVI Productions presents:
“No Place In This World” an Independent film that delves into the harsh reality of bullying, at home and in schools, it’s build up, it’s consequences and the aftermath.

Far too often the result of our interaction or lack of interaction with another person, especially a child, is taken far too lightly. In middle childhood a child’s peers become of the utmost importance and peer pressure comes to the forefront. Children that are encouraged by friends and family believe in themselves and their own abilities. Those that aren’t, develop feelings of inadequacy, self doubt, and a negative outlook on their future. Combine the lack of a solid support system, no positive reinforcement, no peer group, and a family without a caring parent and you have a deadly combination of deep pain and depression that can send even the strongest child into a downward spiral.

There is a feeling of isolation when there is no safety at home or in school

Release Date: October 20, 2017


Barnstorm Theatre

Brownwood Paddock Square 

2720 Brownwood Blvd 

The Villages, Florida 32163 

(352) 259-1111 

Tickets available on October 9, 2017

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