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“No Place In This World”

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Kristin Purdy 

“AMAZING!!!!!! This movie had my entire family in tears and we had a great discussion for hours about bullying and the differences between people, their backgrounds, personalities and most of all actions and consequences. Hits hard and heartbreaking at times but the message is very clear and sadly so true. I hope and pray this gets shown in EVERY SCHOOL AND TOWN COUNTRYWIDE. It breaks my heart to think that people in this world can be so cruel, especially kids but the truth is some are! Parents need to take more interest and play a bigger part in every aspect of their children’s lives – behavior is learned so set a gracious example!”


Jean Garmond

“I am usually not in a loss for words, but after watching this film last Saturday, I was! The writing was amazing! The acting was even better! It was so truthful, emotional and sad. There were so many things that I was not expecting that became a beautiful surprise of hope for the world we live in. This should be shown in the schools so the children can understand the seriousness of bullying. Congratulations on making such an impactful film!”


Michaela Scotti-Jervis
“This was a amazing movie! A great message that really hits home! I think this movie needs to be shown in all middle schools and high schools across the country….and beyond! Awesome job by all involved in the making of this epic film!”


Kelly Elizabeth Quagliaroli

“What an emotional movie thank you for opening our eyes to a real problem.”


Jessica Voorhees-Napolitano

“Great movie!!! Would recommend all to see it, great concept!!!!!”


Jeanne Morella Petherick

“It was awesome. Needs to be seen by all children and parents. Such a strong message. Very sad, but that’s what’s going on in the schools. Can’t wait to see it again.”



Alison Trado

“A movie that is needed for everyone. Bullying in schools is an unmanageable scope for the school staff. Until we get to know the real time reasons for bullying our children may struggle in school. This movie brought together well chosen actors who spoke to the audience. I could not take my eyes away from the movie. Having known the director and his family and some of the actors in the movie I was overwhelmed with their acting skills that made this story so real. My heart was heavy the next day. Well done CVI Productions. <3!!”


Hadley Cardon

“Simply blown away! We absolutely loved the film! This needs to be in the schools to help the children understand about bullying.”


Elizabeth Blount Atkinson

“Great movie, go see it while you can. Motivates you to go out and make a difference. Teach your kids to say something when they see something. Don’t participate in bullying! Great job all!”

Jay Carter

“This is a excellent movie! My daughter gets picked on at school. It helped her see that she is not alone. Some of the scenes were hard to watch, but the story needs to be told for our kids to understand bullying. A great movie to take your kids to with a powerful message.”


William Cohen

“Wow! Just viewed the movie and it is powerful & moving. Loved it! Congratulations Brad Castillo & the entire cast & crew. Young people & parents need to see this film. What we do matters!”


Celine Huntington

“This movie is incredible! We were so taken back by the story of the struggle of the two sisters trying to adapt into a bad situation. I am so glad I took my two little girls to see this film. (Ages 7 & 11) We lived nearly two hours away from the theatre and we talked about the film all the way home. It is a great film to share with your kids about the consequences of bullying. Highly recommended!!!”


Terre Basalyga

“No Place In This World touches the heart of everyone. We all experienced bullying one way or another, this movie will inspire you to take a stand against bullying. Absolutely Wonderful a MUST see!!!!”


Hannah Santangelo

“This movie is the truth of the consequences of bullying. I think every bully should be made to watch this and it should be played in all schools.”


Amy Huth

“Excellent film!!! Beautiful writing, directing and the whole cast is very impressive. Loved it!”


Beatrice Castillo-McClure   

“A beautiful film that needs to be shared with everyone! This could do wonders in helping our children understand the consequences of bullying.”


Melanie Scott

“Such an incredible movie that everyone should see, especially parents and their children. I am so glad that my whole family got to see this amazing story.”


Jen Cohen Tessmer  (Casting Director)

“WOW WOW WOW I was left speechless & crying after I got to see the movie this morning!!!! It is amazing…stay tuned for ticket information & more details! This movie will stop and really make you think about how important it is to teach our children that even at their age, their words & actions have consequences!”@jacksontessmer @noplacefilm @cviproductions @creativevideoimages #speakup #stopbullying #educate #spreadawareness #beavoice #indiefilm #featurefilm 🎬🎟🚨🎥💔✌️🙏🏼


Melissa Lee Thomas

“It was phenomenal! Make sure to grab extra napkins at the concession, as it was a very powerful, heart tugging story! I hope everyone who sees it takes hold of the messages and walks away with the urge to better themselves, giving love, joy and kindness to their families, friends, community and strangers!” ❤️

Sandi Watson

“It was an amazing movie. The crew and cast did such a superb job getting reality across to everyone who views this movie. It’s a message that needs to reach so many.” ❤❤❤


Zodee Auld

“No Place in This World is a powerful and riveting movie where the subject of bullying is brought into the light of everyday people who may or may not be aware that this occurs in daily life.”


Dawn Ronemus Horton  (Production Manager)

“As production manager for the film No Place In This World and after a special meeting this evening to see the completed film, I am in awe…

Even having been there, witnessing the shooting of this film, all the work that went into it, the time and talent, the long days, NONE OF IT set me up to be drawn into the story so deeply of which I had read the script, or for the emotions that I would feel. The view changed from watching the actors shoot their scenes in pieces and at different angles, wardrobe changes, makeup, following shooting schedules, and chasing the light, to seeing them as characters in their roles, that touch you, tear at your heart and soul and it gave a whole new meaning to feeling what the eyes are witnessing. I knew this film was going to touch people from the minute I started reading the script as it was being written but, I had no idea the power it would hold, the strong grasp it would take or the immense and intense message that would come across. Tonight I got that!! Tonight it all came together, and tonight I know that everything that was done to get this film completed was worth every single second, breath, raindrop, ray of sun, heartbeat and heartache, frustration, laugh, and even tear that went into it. Brad Castillo, even as closely as we have worked on this, YOU GOT ME- I am in astounded awe! And ANYONE who sees it, will be too.”


Megan Jervis

“Loved this movie! It had such a great message that I think all preteens and teens should hear.”


Donald Doxtator   (Set Photographer)

“The movie really showed the impact of victims being bullied. I had much reflection after the movie. The acting was phenomena so was the composition and lighting.”


Kat Stayton

“Powerful story, exquisitely photographed. Must see!”


Deborah Fink Davis

“Great and emotional movie!!! Would love to see this come to Inverness and be exposed to our local schools!”


Angela Cartwright-Baker

“It was awesome! Excellent message and moral points! Shockingly point on with a very scary & close to heart topic. And My Lil one was ecstatic about actually seeing her name in the credits too! Just for being an extra! Great movie, Great people and an amazing opportunity for my kiddo to have a wonderful experience helping out on a real movie set.”


Sharon Kaplan

“I encourage parents to take their children to see this movie. It does touch bullying on a mature level, but the message is so important.”


Susan Presti

“We just left the 11:00 showing. It was sold out Saturday so we couldn’t get in then. It was a very powerful film. So much local talent! You all did an amazing job! I pray that this helps bring awareness to this out of control problem.”


‎Renee DePoo‎

“Just watched the movie, OMG!! So deep! Cried the whole time!!”


Kimberly Jane

“Great movie watched it a little while ago…”


Missie Stevenson McDow

“What an amazing night.. I am so thankful that we were able to be part of the movie No Place in this world!”


Nicole House Lembo

“It was such a powerful movie!”




Renea Jones Teaster

“Good morning Citrus friends, October is Bullying Prevention Month, and this Tuesday, Oct. 24th will be Unity Day here. Last night I had the opportunity to go see “No Place in This World” — a movie which was shot mostly in Citrus County, and deals with the subject of Bullying and all that is involved. Due to certain requirements, the movie can only be seen at the Barnstorm Theater in The Villages, and it is only playing through next Thursday, the 26th. I would highly recommend that you take your students (middle school and up) to see this film. The message and content are very appropriate for church youth groups, other student groups and families. We had a good discussion with our daughter after the movie, and that is the most important thing we can do as parents is to talk to our children. Again, the movie is only available for a few days….The Red Carpet Premiere is today at 5 and 7pm, but they are sold out. It will be playing today at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 9pm also. I would encourage you to go The Villages website below to look at the times available. Then call the theater to check to see if that show is sold out or not. You’ll probably see a few familiar faces in the film!”


Stephen L. Teaster II

“Just watched “No Place In This World” at the Barnstorm Theater. Citrus peeps – you need to come out this week while it’s here.” #supportcitrus


Chelsea Wolf   (Bouncy Boxer Media)

“I’d like to apologize to the city of Inverness for buying all the tissues from all the feels from that film. 😭😭 Brad Castillo please write a comedy next time. I’LL HELP YOU!!
But seriously, wow. I’m at a loss of words. I’m just so proud of everyone being part of this film and Bouncy Boxer Media for helping out on this amazing, powerful project. Love you all and let’s start this movement!”


Rob Coggin

“God the feels were real with this one.. really powerful film!”


Lexi Balestrieri   (Bouncy Boxer Media)

“I would like to apologize to the citizens of Inverness for flooding the streets with my bawling.
But, all kidding and crying aside, “No Place in This World,” was an amazing movie with a powerful message about the effects of bullying. I got to work on set for a day and it was an emotional and awesome experience. If you’re around and have some time, it’s screening for one week at the Barnstorm Theater in the Inverness area. Bring tissues. Excellent job, Brad Castillo!”


Tracy Gray 

“There aren’t enough words to describe how powerful this film is and how blessed we are to be apart of it. Thank you Brad Castillo…you are an amazing mind!”



Ashley Sperrazza   (Lead Actress)

“Shooting this film over a year ago and coming back to watch it was such a wonderful experience. It is so lovely to be able to get back together with some of the MOST amazing people and to enjoy what we worked so hard to create. Thank you all for celebrating my birthday with me a second year in a row and thank you for all of the memories. You have my heart ♥️
And a huge thank you to Brad Castillo for casting me in such a wonderful film and for my amazing birthday present♥️”