Workplace Bullying Awareness

Workplace Bullying Awareness

Anti-bullying training should be given to managers in the workplace and teachers at schools. These training classes should show those in authority how to recognize bullying, prevent it from happening and stop it immediately if it has started.

Bullies no longer belong on the school yard. In fact, many businesses are seeing a trend in coworkers harassing others and some managers using their powers of authority to bully employees into doing what they want them to do. Because we are seeing bullies enter the workforce, it is important for all companies to offer bullying awareness programs in the workplace to all managers and employees.

Bullying training at work will help reduce the amount of complaints received by human resources and help pinpoint where the harassing behavior is coming from. However, it is important to have a plan in place to deal with bullying at the workplace before conducting the training.

This plan needs to be in place because once employees are taught how to recognize this type of abusive behavior, they are more likely to come forward with complaints. If there is not plan in place, nothing gets done about the complaints and the employee feels like they do not matter. Plus, in some cases, if the bully knows that nothing will be done about a complaint, his or her behavior could escalate.


Workplace Bullying Facts:     (

Workplace bullying occurs when one person or a group of people single out another.

Bullying at work occurs when that one person is singled out for embarrassing, intimidating and unreasonable treatment.

Most workplace bullies are insecure and/or immature.

Repeated practical jokes are considered bullying.

Verbally abusing an employee is a form of bullying.

Employees being excluded for no reason is a form of bullying.

Men bullies at the workplace harass both men and women equally.

Female bullies at the workplace tend to bully other females (instead of men).