Bullying – Know The Facts

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Images of a situation that sadly happens on a daily basis…

The new girl at school, Lauren Wright (Hayley Castillo) gets bullied at the bus stop by her peers, Kaycie Anderson (Ashlyn Lopez) , Amber Smith (Angela Winiewicz) and Charity Edwards (Kinley Rice)

Know the facts:
There are many different types of bullies including female bullies. The classic type of bullying includes the mean boy on the playground, but now it is clear female bullying is just as prominent and severe as bullying with males. Female bullies can sometimes even be worse.

With cases of bullying on the rise, it is becoming more apparent than ever that female bullying is just as common as bullying with males. It is a common misconception that boys and teen males are the most dominant types of bullies. In fact, girls can be just as ruthless especially when it comes to the type of bullying that is not as physical. Types of bullying like cyberbullying are often spearheaded by teen girls placing an attack on their peers verbally. However, harsh words, lies and rumors can be just as devastating to a child or teen as being physically attacked.














Release Date: Spring 2017

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