The Inverness Premier

CVI Productions would like express our sincere gratitude to the wonderful people and organizations that helped make The Inverness Premiere of THE LEGEND OF KATE KENSINGTON a true success.

We would like thank-

-The City of Inverness and Citrus County, for allowing us to shoot the city as the backdrop, to capture the beautiful monuments, historical buildings, stunning landscapes, and permitting us, through this film, to show the beauty of the county.

-The Inverness City Council, for so graciously naming April 29th – May 1st as “The Legend of Kate Kensington Weekend”. We appreciate and were so grateful for this proclamation, a wonderful surprise to add to the excitement and to share with our audience.

-The Valerie Theater, its outstanding staff and volunteers for the excellent service, hard work, and kind words.

-Mr. Alan Forino, cultural director at the Valerie Theater, for your faith in the film, your direction, assistance and involvement. You allowed us to come into your “home”, made us feel welcomed, and shared in the success.

-Karma Resale Shoppe, for generously allowing us the use the mannequins in front of the theater which held some of the films wardrobe as well as the beautiful dresses worn by our hostess.

-Nicole’s House of Cakes, for the wonderful, beautifully decorated, and absolutely delicious cupcakes that were shared during the event.

-Last but not least, and one of the most important – THANK YOU to the audience, the public, the new fans, and the dedicated followers. THANK YOU to those who stood in line to purchase tickets, told your friends, family, and even strangers that this was a MUST SEE! THANK YOU for your positive reviews, your excitement, and for taking this journey with us. You have spread word of this film, shared your experience, and helped make this premiere the outstanding event that it was.


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