The Legend Of Kate Kensington Premieres at the Valerie Theatre on July 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2021

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Valerie Theatre Historic theatre in downtown Inverness. Mrs. pearl G. Maddox built the Valerie Theatre in 1927, naming it the Valerie after her daughter. It was considered one of the most modern and beautiful theaters in the area. Mrs. Maddox furnished the theatre with velour curtains, a brightly lit marquee and an electric air circulation machine.

The Valerie Theatre is the perfect setting for CVI Productions and the film, “The Legend Of Kate Kensington”.

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The Legend Faded Away

The goal from the very beginning of post production was to receive the Dove Foundation seal of approval.

The Journey To The End

 The Legend Of Kate Kensington is the first feature film developed from CVI  Productions and began principal photography in 2014.
According to the writer/director, Brad Castillo, there were some in-house difficulties getting the film completed to his own personal satisfaction due to an enormous amount of special effects and creative differences.  Even though he wasn’t completely happy with the final product CVI Productions screened the film with positive results.  Brad Castillo says; “I just couldn’t let it go the way it was and the thought of having to start all over was overwhelming”.
CVI Productions placed The Legend Of Kate Kensington on the shelf and decided to move forward with their second feature film, No Place In This World, which started principal photography in 2016.  The film was released world-wide through Bridgestone Multimedia Group and is available through Amazon Prime and other various media outlets.
In 2018, Brad Castillo decided to pull The Legend Of Kate Kensington off the shelf and begin the lengthy post production phase from the ground floor up.  
Brad Castillo says; “A fresh new approach was taken on the entire film with successful results. I can finally let Kate Kensington go and begin to move forward with other exciting ideas.”  The goal from the very beginning of post production was to receive the Dove Foundation seal of approval as they did with No Place In This World.  

Now in 2021, after receiving the Dove seal of approval, The Legend Of Kate Kensington is ready for it’s world-wide release.

Currently, CVI Productions is working on the additional content of the film such as music videos, behind the scenes content and deleted scenes for the DVD/Blu-ray deliverables.

By:  Ensley Markle


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