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A World Of Reviews

Opening A Line Of Communication

It was the night of October 21, 2017, the premiere of, “No Place In This World” and mixed feelings of anticipation swirled around Mr. Brad Castillo’s mind.

“There’s always that feeling of nervous anticipation before screening your film in front of an audience.” says Mr. Castillo.

Mr. Castillo goes on to say, “You spend two years of your life writing and developing the characters, planning and securing shooting locations, finding the right actors for the roles, outlining the shooting schedules, working with the actors to pull out the performances you had envisioned and then,

 it’s a wrap!”

“It’s in the tank!” says Mr. Castillo

However, the real work and tone of the film is just beginning.

You have now entered the post-production phase of the film.

This is where the editing of the film, color corrections, sound design and music score takes place.

“It’s extremely exhausting and rewarding all at the same time.” says Mr. Castillo

Mr. Castillo goes on to say; “In the end, the film is highly subjective to everyone’s personal feelings, tastes or opinions.”

“I would say, that we fall along the lines with sixty-seventy percent positive feedback.” says Mr. Castillo

Currently IMDB has the film score at 6.5/10

Mr. Castillo says; “The goal from the very beginning was to shed light on a horrible situation, show the seriousness of the consequences, deal with the realization of the aftermath, and most importantly, offer a sign of hope.”

“That is all I can do.” says Mr. Castillo.

Mr. Castillo goes on to say; On the night of the premiere, “I had four complete strangers walk up to me with tear filled eyes, hug me and say,

 “Thank you, your film offered us peace.”

All four families lost a child and this film offered them a sense of peace from the Lord.

With tears welling in his eyes, Mr. Castillo says; “That is a gift from God. That is a clear sign of him working through me to touch others and I will cherish that memory forever.”

A message we could all use during these uncertain times that we live in.

Spreading Love, Peace and Positivity around the world.

Written by: Ensley Markle


The Reviews

from around the world

Below you will find some of the reviews and comments people are leaving on various YouTube posts.

Youtube Reviews

Nikki Cole

“They should share this movie to all young people in schools. This movie has a powerful impact!!!!”

Kordor Kongri

“So sad, its pathetic that the bullies don’t realize how ugly and insecure they are and the gentle souls drowned in the vicious cycle of the bullies, but, some do fight back and  when school shootings become big, who do we blame? Like the boy said, ” Why feel remorse, they deserved it, what they did to me everyday”. I understand him, totally.”

Tiffany Boone

“Can’t hold in the tears.” 💔

Youtube Reviews

Romona Barker

“Very well informative movie. I’m going to do myself and others the favor that needs to see this and share it. Thank you for this beautiful movie.”

Muwanguzi Frida

“Ohhhh God this movie though…. From the beginning to the end…. Tears in my eyes, but all in all God is our refuge.”

Debby Debra

“This is so emotional .. This should reach out to places that bullying should cease… Like really!!”

Youtube Reviews

Cynthia Kirksey

“This movie hurt me so deep down in my soul however at the end I was truly refreshed.”

Lynn Yap

“Everywhere in the world there is the same thing happening, bullying and being bullied, but the role of parents and teachers needs to be smarter and more sensitive to bullying cases in schools. Parents need to listen to their children’s problems, do not neglect them even when they are busy. Children need parents where they complain about problems at school. Sad to watch this story, but a story that is very useful for the example of all of us. Thanks to the director of this story, you care about the bullying case at school. Salute you!”

gumi shinglai

“Everyone Must see! It’s really a good movie!”

Youtube Reviews


“This movie was amazing!  It was not just a movie, it had a purpose and a beautiful meaning.”

Lorelie Ocite

“I didn’t even know that my tears started falling down while watching this movie from the beginning till end. Beautiful story and I must say,  that for those people out there especially parents please watch this movie.”

Shantii Mirone

“It’s so beautiful… watch it!”❤

Youtube Reviews

Prisca Peter

“Quite an eye opener… So real!”

Juanita Barham

“If this movie doesn’t make you feel something then you aren’t really human! It’s 2:00am in the morning and I am crying watching this.”

Cindy Beatty

“Addie, the older sister, is more grown up than the mother is! I’m so glad that Lauren had Addie to talk to. I think that they needed each other for support. Their home life was so very stressful. I think you can even say that it was abusive (verbally) and not to mention sad.” 😞

Youtube Reviews

Joyce Henderson

“It’s true, hurting people hurt people! Their pain takes over, and the hurt overwhelms them so much so that they in turn ‘hurt’ others to try to relieve the pain that consumes them. Kindness towards others brings comfort to a hurting soul, be the one who gives such kindness.”

Terence Lungu

“This movie has made me cry.
Its so educational. Wish it reaches so many people.”

Renee Edwards

“Enjoyed this movie! Mothers need to pay more attention to their young ones when they really need them the most. I think this movie is a good way to inspire young kids in school so they stop bullying. Enjoyed the movie, made me cry.”

"... A wonderful educational tool for teaching teens about bullying, its effects, and what teens can do to avoid thoughts of suicide."

-- The Dove Foundation
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