CVI Welcomes Ensley Markle -Website Designer/Writer

CVI Productions is preparing to move into the pre-production phase of their third feature length film, “The Connection” in late Fall of 2020.

Preparing to help in the next phase

CVI Productions is proud to have Ensley Markle as a part of the team moving forward.

Ensley has been working with CVI Productions for the last nine months assisting with all of the post-production work involving “The Legend Of Kate Kensington”.

With the completion of Kate Kensington, Ensley realized the need to update, maintain and address many issues with the CVI Website and other social media outlets.

Ensley is also preparing to help with all aspects leading into the pre-production phase of CVI Productions’ third feature length film, “The Connection”, which begins in late Fall of 2020.

Ensley Markle

"I have learned so much working with CVI Productions. I'm excited about moving forward with The Connection. I love where they are going and the creative storytelling of the Faith based content."

Actor Spotlight

While Ensley is updating the CVI Website, she has also implemented a few fresh new ideas to shed some light on the CVI actors with, “Actor Spotlight”.

She puts her writing skills to task as she revisits the actors and actresses from, “The Legend Of Kate Kensington and “No Place In This World”.

I'm here to assist you

Beginning on Monday August 17, 2020, CVI Productions will have someone to assist in answering questions, updating social media content and continue adding fresh new pages to the website.

Mon-Fri  9:00-5:00 Eastern Standard Time

Brad Castillo

"Ensley has been an incredible asset with enormous contributions as a CVI team member thus far. We are extremely happy to be working with her and utilizing her input and suggestions moving forward.”

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